Friday, February 8, 2008

Steve Ilg

I owe my stamina and injury-free history of outdoor activities to this guy.  I picked up his book "The Outdoor Athlete" fifteen years ago.  Its training regimen helped me manage a hike from Kingston to Glenwood, across the Aldo Leopold and Gila Wildernesses, five mountain ranges, river fords, and snow storms, averaging over 26 miles a day with a full load.  Or my birthday hikes taking in the full length of either the Sandia or Manzano ranges in time to get home for a great celebratory meal before sundwon.  

"The Outdoor Athlete" offers suggested training routines for every activity, from mountain biking to kayaking.  I have particularly benefitted from his "2-WayIlgs" and adaptation of some ballet moves, with weight added for building strength.  I heartily recommend Steve Ilg as a model and teacher to anyone who finds spiritual rewards in the challenges of strenuous outdoor athletics, and who wants to keep at it their whole life.   Check him out for yourself.

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