Friday, January 25, 2008

Bosque del Apache

Kara and I loaded up the bikes, fueled up at Manny's Buckhorn tavern in San Antonio (7th best burgers in USA, according to GQ mag) and headed for Bosque del Apache.  We've grown to prefer seeing the place on two rather than four wheels.  It's a fifteen mile loop, and we threw in a few extra miles by pedaling along the ditch bank on the east side of the refuge and taking in the lagoon and marsh loops.  
There were over 40,000 snow geese and 40,000 sand hill cranes counted by the refuge. Only 11 bald eagles, and we managed to see but one.  We did spot a lot of red tail hawks and one golden eagle.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy one of New Mexico's treasures.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yo! On the Road and Trail Again

In July of 2007 I closed my former blog, "New Mexico Wilderness," because I became obsessed with road biking.  That blog journaled my forays into our state's many, diverse wilderness areas.   Since then I've been spending most of my outdoor time on the saddle and clipped to pedals.  I've done the Acoma 100 and the 109 mile Tour de Tucson.  (My times sucked, but I had a great experience both races). I snagged a cherry Colnago that had been purchased in Italy by a U.S. Air Force captain.  I've also got my high-tech all-world carbon racer (maybe my times will improve, though I don't really care). 

I'm taken with biking, but it ain't enough.

I've missed hiking and canoeing and rafting and mule-riding and all the other activities that go with enjoying New Mexico's great, wild outdoors.  I've missed blogging about those experiences.  I've really missed what Blogger does to enhance the photos I post from my crazy gambols.
So, I'm back with an expanded version of my on-line activities diary.  This one's not limited to hiking and backpacking.  I'll post about biking, restaurants, history, and everything that crosses my path while enjoying the adventure that is living in New Mexico.  I hope to be joined in this blog by friends who also appreciate the challenges and joys of this amazing state.

I leave you with a favorite quote from Teddy Roosevelt, a source of inspiration worth keeping in mind, and something that aptly echos the philosophy of this blog:  "I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life."